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Bipolar Illness

Bipolar Disorder is a Mood disorder with polar opposite mood swings. It is characterized by episodes of Mania-activated, energized periods with a decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, talkative, inflated sense of self, psychosis and reckless behavior (hypersexual, spending money, driving aimlessly, invincible). This ‘high’ period is followed by a crashing ‘low’ period of depression. The depressive episode typically lasts much longer, on average 6-9 months and the manic period may be days to weeks. Most people with Bipolar illness have their first episode of mania between age 15-25 years. This illness is very genetic and is on a spectrum or range of severity. Children or Teens that have labile moods or emotional dysregulation within hours or days do Not have Bipolar illness. The hallmark is defined episodes of cycling between mania and depression.